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SmartPower President Brian F. Keane talks consumer barriers on E&ETV


Thanks to Monica Trauzzi for having SmartPower President Brian F. Keane on E&ETV today! Brian discussed consumer barriers to clean energy adoption, as well as what the current administration is doing to break down some of those barriers. 

Climate scientists lay down the real rap on global warming

Finally… a rap video starring climate scientists. What took you so long, Internet?!

Climate scientists are often confused with conspiracy theorists and denialists, and real climate scientists have had enough. Two such scientists Dan Ilic and Duncan Elms joined together to write and perform a hip/hop and rap music video showing who real climate scientists are.

Best line: “‘The greenhouse effect is just a theory, sucker’ / Yeah, so is gravity / Float away mother[floater].”

View the video below (warning: some salty language).

Kids say the darndest things … about solar power. SmartPower’s summer interns got it all on camera. 

Energize Bedford launches “Energy Coach” video series

Above: Energize Bedford Energy Coach Dick Kornbluth is featured in a new series of videos that help Bedford, N.Y., residents get quick answers to common household efficiency questions.

With so many actions to take and choice to make, energy efficiency can be daunting. But having a coach makes it easy!

Make that an Energy Coach. Dick Kornbluth, who has been a home efficiency professional since 1977, is now taking questions at Energize Bedford is a BetterBuildings program in Northern Westchester County, N.Y., that makes it easy for homeowners to follow through with comprehensive upgrades that drastically improve home comfort and energy cost savings.

Kornbluth’s Energy Coach video series has already tackled several frequently asked questions, including:

Learn more about Energize Bedford at

A little wow for your Wednesday, from the BBC:

A large solar flare has been captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory.

The eruptions lasted approximately 90 minutes and created a huge tendril of plasma, known as a solar prominence.

Keep in mind that "every hour, the sun provides the earth with as much energy as all of human civilization uses in an entire year.”

From the Department of Smart Social Media:

"Me And My Bike" is a video created by Wafalme, a group of inspired Kenyan teens who communicate various messages through hip-hop. They are also known for creating "Trash Is Cash," a video offering recycling solutions for their neighborhood, which lacks trash collection - despite the fact that 1.5 tons of trash per day is dumped on their land from Nairobi.

Wafalme’s pro-bike video won the “1 Minute To Save The World” film competition, which “challenged young filmmakers to create a one-minute video about climate change.”

According to Dickson Oyugi, a member of the group, “Most of us just sit and wait for the governments to take action about climate change. … Together we can, with small actions in our daily life, make a difference.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Concentrated solar power in Spain: the next frontier?

In this fascinating video from the Guardian, which highlights the Spanish government’s commitment to making solar a viable market contender, we learned a lot about the business - and politics - of electricity generation.

Check out this great MSNBC video about how a zoo in Seattle is using clean, renewable energy to revitalize its attractions - and save money. 

A geothermal system keeps the penguin exhibit’s water warm, while newly installed solar panels power the zoo’s historic carousel, which was once driven by coal fire. 

And, as one installer makes clear to the reporter, there’s plenty of sun in Washington for solar panels. “That’s a misconception that we’re trying to overcome as an industry.”

"All these pieces have to fit together. … Specifically, clean energy. We’ve got have a government that’s funding the basic research. We’ve got to have businesses that are willing to take risks and entrepreneurs who are out there trying to apply that basic research. We’ve got to have not-for-profits."

President Obama speaking to student leaders at Penn State University on Feb. 3.

Cake - the band, not the delicious food - recorded their new album at a studio powered 100% by solar. Above is a video of the array’s installation, giving an inkling of the band’s motivation and interest in solar technology. 

More about the band and their green cred, from the Department of Energy’s blog:

In an interview with the Sacramento News and Review, lead vocalist and guitarist John McCrea says the all-solar recorded album has had an emotionally positive effect on the band, who are longtime environmental enthusiasts. They give away a tree at every show, encourage fans to carpool to concerts, use a water filter on the road to mitigate the use of water bottles and link to items about the environment and public policies on their website. The photovoltaic bonus element came to their roof a few years ago, and the band encourages others to go solar, as well.