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Goodyear Celebrates 10 Percent Solar

Dozens of Goodyear residents, including Mayor Georgia Lord, turned out to City Hall on Wednesday, July 18, to celebrate the installment of Goodyear’s official “Arizona Solar Community” sign — the first in the state.

Just two years ago, Goodyear signed on to participate in the Arizona Solar Challenge, a program organized by the nonprofit Arizona SmartPower, which set a goal of achieving solar on at least 5 percent of owner-occupied homes by 2015. Goodyear has already achieved more than 10 percent, becoming a true leader in clean energy. 

Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord could not have been more proud to help present the official solar sign to residents, saying that SmartPower’s “grassroots effort led to 1,368 total solar installs in Goodyear,” a number that will make a real difference in the town’s sustainable future, and in its local economy. 

"With Goodyear’s leadership, we are cracking the code on how to get solar on rooftops in Arizona and beyond," said Brian F. Keane, president of SmartPower.

Goodyear’s official Arizona Solar Community sign will be featured in two prominent locations — one on Litchfield Road and another on Pebble Creek Parkway. 

SmartReads: Week of July 20

There is so much exciting news to share this week, from the first review of Brian F. Keane’s book, Green Is Good, to the presentation of Goodyear’s official “Arizona Solar Community” sign — the first of its kind. Send us your favorite energy articles on Twitter using the hashtag #SmartReads!

Renewable Energy WorldWould Gordon Gekko Go Green? — Energy books tend to be either jargon-filled tomes or hand-wringing, end-of-the-world, please-just-shoot-me-now reprimands. So it was a relief to see that Brian Keane avoids both of these worn-out roads in his new book. [July 19, 2012]

Arizona Solar ChallengeGoodyear Celebrates 10 Percent Solar  — Dozens of Goodyear residents, including Mayor Georgia Lord, turned out to City Hall on Wednesday, July 18, to celebrate the installment of Goodyear’s official “Arizona Solar Community” sign — the first in the state. [July 19, 2012]

Digital Journal: Unique Solar Incentive Program in Connecticut Captures Attention of Soluxe Solar — The sun is shining brightly in Connecticut these days and thanks to a unique new pilot program it will soon be even easier for Connecticut homeowners to turn those rays into energy savings.[July 19, 2012]

Fast Company: New Solar Panels Get Their Power From Light We Can’t See — There is a lot of the light spectrum that doesn’t register to the human eye (or to conventional solar panels). A new device which could go right on top of existing panels, helps get more of the energy from the sun. [July 16, 2012]

Grist: D.C. unveils plans for awesome new green neighborhood — After two years of internal debate among 17 different federal agencies and the Washington, D.C., government, the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) released its long-awaited plans for a new Southwest Eco-District this week. [July 15, 2012]

Treehugger: World’s First Solar-Geothermal Hybrid Plan Opens in the Nevada Desert — Nevada is home to some enormous solar power facilities and is a focal point of the expansion of geothermal energy production, so it makes sense that someone would pick the state to combine the two in one beast of a clean energy production center. That someone is Enel Green Power (EGP), which in May opened the world’s first solar-geothermal hybrid energy power plant in northwestern Nevada. [July 17, 2012]

Renewable Energy World: Hybrid Solar Heat and Power Systems On the Rise- According to “Residential Combined Heat and Power,” a new study by Pike Research, the market for residential combined heat and power (resCHP) systems – defined as small, distributed energy generation systems that produce electricity for residences while also capturing heat that would otherwise be treated as waste – is still very small, but growing rapidly. [July 18, 2012

Arizona receives $710,000 grant to streamline solar installations, partners with SmartPower

The State of Arizona has been awarded nearly $710,000 as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, which strives to get more solar on our nation’s rooftops.

The Initiative is a large-scale effort to make solar energy more accessible and affordable, and to accelerate domestic solar deployment nationwide. 

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was pleased to announce the grant and how it expands the possibilities for Arizona to fulfill its role as a leader in solar adoption:

"Arizona is at the forefront of solar-energy development and expansion, and has even been dubbed the  ’Solar King.’ This grant will be instrumental in making installation of solar panels faster, easier and less expensive for Arizona homeowners and businesses. As solar energy becomes more cost-efficient and widespread, Arizona is ready to capitalize on the quality jobs created by this promising industry."

With this grant, the State of Arizona will work to reduce barriers to solar-energy installation by lowering costs and identifying best practices in finance, permitting and zoning. The state is moving toward voluntary, statewide uniformity in solar permitting, for example, and five jurisdictions will pursue adoption of an online system that will allow over-the-counter, same-day review of permits.

Brewer’s Office of Energy Policy team includes the following partner organizations: the City of Flagstaff, City of Phoenix, City of Tucson, Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability, and SmartPower.

The Arizona SmartPower team is proud to be a part of the SunShot Initiative and is eager to work with other Arizona organizations to make solar energy more accessible for homes and businesses.

This is what commercial solar looks like: Take a peek inside the Solar Zone, part of the University of Arizona’s tech-park in Tucson, AZ.

The tech-park’s mission is to “create environments, facilities and amenities that support the growth and emergence of tech companies” and the deployment of new solar technology into the marketplace. As such, the Solar Zone contains the largest concentrated photovoltaic plant in the country. It supplies 5,000 megawatt-hours of electricity per year.

Check out the video above for a peek at this exciting project. As Arizona State Rep. David Patterson mentions in the video, this plant is special because it doesn’t require a large amount of water in order to operate. In the desert, that’s crucial.

Forget granite countertops. Solar panels are rapidly becoming the must-have home accessory of 2011.

When it comes to getting more solar on rooftops, communities across America can make perhaps the most important contribution. A case study for this is happening right now in Arizona, where my not-for-profit organization, SmartPower, has partnered with the state’s largest utility company, Arizona Public Service, to boost residential solar installations. Together, we’re working to make Arizona the solar capital of the United States - and that effort starts on the ground, in a handful of communities that are hungry for clean energy options, with a campaign called the Arizona Solar Challenge.

- Brian F. Keane

From “80 Percent By 2035: Community-Based Clean Energy Problem Solving in Arizona," Huffington Post, Feb. 17, 2011