SmartPower to Celebrate America’s Sunniest City at “Solar Up Yuma”

Arizona SmartPower is thrilled to be partnering with the City of Yuma, Arizona Public Service, and the Yuma International Airport to host Solar Up Yuma, a day of solar fun and education for all!

Check out our press release below - and if you’re in or around Yuma on Friday, stop by for free food and a chat with our Solar Coach.

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Arizona SmartPower to Celebrate America’s Sunniest City at “Solar Up Yuma”

Partnership With City of Yuma, Arizona Public Service, and Yuma International Airport Promises Day of Food, Fun, and Solar Education for the Whole Family

Yuma, AZ – Arizona SmartPower has partnered with the City of Yuma, Arizona Public Service, and the Yuma International Airport to present the first-ever “Solar Up Yuma” event, a day of fun, food, and solar education for the whole family. Solar Up Yuma will take place at the Yuma International Airport on Friday, October 21, 2011, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., on the second floor in the airport’s terminal.

Arizona SmartPower’s research shows that while 85 percent of the American people say they prefer energy generated from clean, renewable sources, like wind and solar, less than 3 percent actually purchase it. Many customers hesitate because there is a lack of trusted clean energy brands and a great deal of confusion about reliability and cost.

As a solar leader, the Yuma International Airport is an ideal place to host the inaugural Solar Up Yuma event. Attendees will learn about the solar installation process from start to finish, and Arizona SmartPower’s Solar Coach will be on hand to answer questions about how solar works, what to look for in a solar installer, and how to estimate your energy cost savings. It’s a great way to get started – and to meet other Arizonans who care about solar, too.

Yuma is one of 15 communities participating in the Arizona Solar Challenge, a statewide campaign that empowers cities and towns to commit to installing solar on 5 percent of owner-occupied homes by 2015. A dedicated corps of Solar Ambassadors – Yuma residents who have already installed solar, and want to encourage their friends and neighbors to do the same – is helping Arizona SmartPower spread the word about solar’s benefits to homeowners.

“Arizona is on it’s way to becoming the solar capital of the nation. We have communities like Yuma to thank for that,” said SmartPower President Brian F. Keane. “With solar installations on City Hall and the Civic Center, this is a community that is already leading by example. We are proud to be partnering with APS, the City of Yuma, and the Yuma International Airport to educate even more residents about solar power!”

“The Solar Up Yuma Event is a one-stop shop where the community can talk with representatives from APS, Arizona SmartPower, and solar installation companies, as well as meet people within our community who have already installed solar in their homes or businesses and hear their stories,” said Bill Gresser, Airport Board President. “This is a great opportunity for people to learn more about energy efficiency, financing options, the variety of renewable energy resources available, and how easy the process of ‘going solar’ can really be. We’ve done it, and you can do it, too!”

The Yuma International Airport recently completed its $4 million solar shade parking structure and Arizona Western College’s major solar project will be complete this fall. There also are a number of Yuma businesses that have installed solar power. The city’s partnership with APS and Arizona SmartPower will now focus on boosting residential solar installations, which have the potential to create local jobs.

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