Apr 01

SmartPower And ReNewable Now Launch Media Partnership


Announce the Creation of “Food Network” for ReNewable Energy

April 1, 2014, Washington DC/Providence RI: SmartPower and ReNewable Now today announced a strategic media partnership that will leverage the new media channels offered through ReNewableNow.Biz with the clean energy and energy efficiency expertise of SmartPower. That partnership was in evidence at

ReNewable Now and SmartPower share a common mission of increasing the use of clean energy and energy efficiency and reducing the impact of fossil fuels. SmartPower President Brian F. Keane and ReNewable Now President Peter Arpin were on hand to cement the media partnership.


“The partnership between our two organizations is a natural,” stated Peter Arpin. President of ReNewable Now.  “We are both in the business of broadcasting the benefits of clean energy. Together we’ll be able amplify our efforts in presenting the business side of green.”

“What our industry needs is it’s own network
– just like the Food Network,” said SmartPower President Brian F. Keane.  “And indeed, Renewable Now is the network best positioned to become just that. We’re excited
about this partnership and look forward to making clean energy and energy efficiency as accessible as Rachel Ray’s 30 minutes meals!“

SmartPower, a non-­‐profit organization based in Washington, D.C. develops and implements innovative community-based campaigns that save energy and promote renewable energy that lead to long-term energy behavior changes. Using a political campaign-style approach, SmartPower mobilizes people to take actions as part of a “community” rather than acting alone. SmartPower’s energy campaigns are based on over a decade of consumer research and boots on the ground expertise.

SmartPower literally “wrote the book” on clean energy and energy efficiency marketing and outreach with the publication of Keane’s book Green is Good: Save Money, Make Money and Help Your Community Profit From Clean Energy (Lyons Press, 2012). The book highlights lessons from SmartPower’s more than a decade of clean energy fieldwork.

ReNewable Now will be utilizing SmartPower’s expertise to enhance its content across multiple channels. As a multi-media channel that promotes innovation and actions in clean energy, the network is committed to the business of clean energy. SmartPower will be supporting ReNewable Now’s mission with a regular monthly segment called “Keane on Green” featuring SmartPower President Brian F. Keane. During these segments, Keane will share insights on new trends, activities and updates in the world of clean energy, as well as share findings from SmartPower’s on-the-ground campaigns.

As Keane says, “We’re interested in helping regular people make smart energy choices, and we do that by connecting them to local trusted resources that make a difference. By helping people access clean energy information and easy actions they can take, ReNewable Now helps us deliver on our mission.“ Keane sites as an example of the new partnership ReNewable Now’s recent coverage of a SmartPower event at which elected officials were highlighted for their commitment to clean energy and for their participation in SmartPower’ Rhode Island Energy Challenge. “Renewable Now’s coverage of our event helped get the message out about the importance of homeowners taking simple actions to reduce their energy use.”

By raising the volume on important breaking news and exciting business advances happening every day in the clean energy sector the two organizations hope to engage the public and change the way they think and use energy.

About SmartPower

SmartPower is a national non-­‐profit organization that creates community campaigns for energy efficiency and clean energy through engaging local partners from the municipal, business, and non-­‐profit sectors to promote behavior change and measurable energy actions. SmartPower’s COR approach using Community outreach, On-­‐line tools, and Rewards and Incentives is a tested formula that promotes engagement and delivers results on behalf utilities, state clean energy funds and the Department of Energy.

About ReNewable Now

ReNewable Now is the one network that is totally dedicated to the business side of green. The creation of the network was on May 1, 2012 when professionals from the business community and educational community came together with professionals in television, cable, radio, and new media technologies to focus on what they believe to be the next economy, the Green Economy.

Mar 25


The Key To Residential Solar Power Is Now Marketing

A pivotal transition has taken place for residential solar power: its growth is now driven by middle-income homeowners concerned about keeping energy costs in check. That’s a landmark transition that opens the door to exponential growth. Now the key to success is marketing – not simply promoting a message but orchestrating on-the-ground campaigns community by community that literally bring the “solar store” into each neighborhood. The good news is that a proven method is already available.

This pivotal transition is due in part to falling prices. For the third year in a row, solar prices dropped. The installed price of solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems in the United States fell substantially in 2012 and the first half of 2013, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Installed prices for PV systems in 2012 fell by a range of roughly $0.30 per Watt (W) to $0.90/W, or 6 to 14 percent, from the prior year, depending on the size of the system – adding to the continuous string of significant, annual, price reductions for PV systems.

Read SmartPower President Brian F. Keane’s entire article on The Alternative Energy eMagazine.

Advancing Community Solar in the US

Presentations about solar energy have a definite rhythm. Initially, the audience is curious about renewable energy and midway through as they receive more information, the feeling turns to palpable excitement. But inevitably, by evening’s end, some of the excitement has dimmed. About 75% of people who want solar can’t get it, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. They live in multi-unit buildings, rent, or own homes surrounded by shade trees. They’re still enthusiastic about solar power, but are left wondering how they can benefit from it. Increasingly, states are utilizing community solar to solve this dilemma.

Through community solar, residents invest in a remote photovoltaic array the utility company installs, usually within their geographic region. The excess power the system generates is then credited on the utility bills of investors, a process known as virtual net metering. The investor saves money, and uses a clean and renewable energy source. Everyone wins.

Read SmartPower President Brian F. Keane’s entire column on Solar Novus Today.

Mar 19

National Grid Names North Smithfield Rhode Island’s “Energy Champion”

Warwick Steps Up Next To Take The RI Energy Challenge! 

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - National Grid today named the town of North Smithfield “Rhode Island’s Energy Champion” after they became the first community to successfully complete the Rhode Island Energy Challenge: Find Your Four campaign, by getting the equivalent of 5% of households to sign onto the Challenge.  In addition to the designation as an “Energy Champion”, North Smithfield received a check for $7500 from National Grid to help the community invest in further energy savings.  .

“On behalf of North Smithfield, I am pleased to receive this honor and to accept this check from National Grid,” said Town Administration, Paulette Hamilton.  “I’m so proud of the residents of North Smithfield, who signed up for the Challenge, and took actions in their home to start saving energy.  We always knew we were Champions – and it’s really nice to have National Grid recognize our efforts.”

As a permanent recognition of their efforts, North Smithfield was presented with three street signs that proclaim them Rhode Island Energy Champions. The signs will be posted around the town on key roads heading into North Smithfield.

“Congratulations to the Town of North Smithfield for making this commitment to energy efficiency,” said Timothy F. Horan, president of National Grid in Rhode Island. “Their success is an example that we hope all Rhode Island communities will follow.”

In May 2013, National Grid, working with the non-profit organization SmartPower (, created the high visibility, community-based, on-the-ground campaign to increase energy efficiency. The Rhode Island Energy Challenge: Find Your Four! campaign is a dynamic program that has already engaged thousands of Rhode Islanders across the state and encouraged them to change their energy use behaviors by taking four energy actions in their homes.

National Grid Names North Smithfield Rhode Island’s “Energy Champion” /2

SmartPower has partnered with local municipalities, faith-based organizations, businesses and non-profit groups who committed to getting 5% -10% of their respective communities to participate, including North Smithfield, Cranston, Newport, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of RI, Citizens Bank, Arpin Group, People’s Power & Light, and RI Interfaith Power and Light.

Next up to engage in the Challenge is the City of Warwick.  On Tuesday, Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian announced that Warwick will ask its residents to commit to The Rhode Island Energy Challenge.

“We are completely committed to reducing energy across our city,” stated Mayor Avedisian.  “Wasting energy is not only bad for our economy, but it is hurting our environment.  There are simple steps that every resident can do to reduce their energy and the Rhode Island Energy Challenge: Find Your Four is the perfect way for Warwick to become true energy leaders.”

Also taking the Challenge on Tuesday was the Boys and Girls Club of Warwick.  Not only did the Boys and Girls Club host Tuesday announcement ceremony but also about a dozen boys and girls from the Club helped identify quick and easy energy saving steps that each of us can take right now. 

Residents interested in participating in the Rhode Island Energy Challenge can sign up at

Mar 06

SmartPower Breaks the Solar Barrier With Their “Solarize” Campaign

Brian Keane is a marketing guy. He understands how to sell things. And as president of SmartPower, a non-profit, solar marketing company, he knows how to sell residential solar to consumers.

When I spoke to him last week, he told me had had “cracked the code” on selling solar. He said he saw it as his job to sell solar power to “regular people” who will buy it, not as an expression of an identity or an ideology, but rather because it simply makes sense. Because, he said, “the fact that it’s good for the environment is not a sufficient motivator for many people.”

Read the full interview and article by RP Siegel at Just Means.

Jan 30

Matthew Ray Promoted to Rhode Island State Director

Rhode Island Native To Expand “Rhode Island Energy Challenge”

January 27, 2014, Washington, DC: SmartPower, the nations’ leading non-profit organization that creates community campaigns for energy efficiency and renewable energy by engaging local partners from the municipal, business, and non-profit sectors today announced the promotion of Matthew Ray to Rhode Island State Director. Ray has been serving as Community Outreach Manager for the “Rhode Island Energy Challenge: Find Your Four”, ( SmartPower’s residential energy efficiency campaign supported by National Grid.

Mr. Ray has been instrumental in the success of the Rhode Island Energy Challenge, working closely with National Grid along with municipal leaders from North Smithfield, Cranston and Newport. Further, he has cultivated partnerships with business leaders from Arpin Van Lines, Blue Cross & Blue Shield-RI, Banneker Industries, and Citizens Bank, in addition to non-profit organizations that include People’s Power and Light and Rhode Island Interfaith Power & Light to promote the Challenge. Together these organizations have been encouraging their constituents  to find four energy actions in their homes to reduce household energy use.


In his new role as Rhode Island State Director, Mr. Ray will be responsible for continuing the expansion of the Rhode Island Energy Challenge as  well as initiating other SmartPower renewable energy programs. Raised in Barrington, Rhode Island, Mr. Ray is a graduate of University of Nevada Las Vegas and Roger Williams University School of Law. A licensed attorney with a background in political organizing,
Ray has used his skills to implement this first-of-its-kind Energy Challenge that supercharges National Grid’s energy efficiency programs - providing every Rhode Islander with a better understanding of their energy usage, with the goal of saving enough energy to power 10,000 homes for a year. In announcing Mr. Ray’s promotion Brian F. Keane, President of SmartPower, said: “As State Director Matt will dramatically increase SmartPower’s role in Rhode Island while we continue making Rhode Island a national leader on energy efficiency and renewable energy. This is a tall order. But to say the least, Matt has the passion, the dedication, the energy and the enthusiasm to lead this charge!” For more information about SmartPower, log onto For more information about the Rhode Island Energy Challenge, log onto

Dec 21

What a wonderful welcome to the Southern Cal Edison Total Market Team!

What a wonderful welcome to the Southern Cal Edison Total Market Team!

Dec 06

Five Ways to Lower Your Energy Costs This Winter Season -

Check out 5 tips from SmartPower President Brian F. Keane on how to lower your energy costs this winter!

Sep 25

Let’s Solarize: Solarize Connecticut Phase 1 Report

Read our report from Phase 1: Let’s Solarize: Solarize Connecticut Phase 1 Report [PDF]
September 2013

Press Release:
Report:  Innovative Program “Cracks The Code” For Residential Solar Power